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Water technology

Water runs through the provincial veins of Friesland. It has formed the backdrop of our existence for many centuries. It makes sense that Friesland is well on the way to becoming the European Capital of Water Technology. We are realising groundbreaking solutions to worldwide water-related problems right here in Friesland. Our achievements have not gone unnoticed. A growing number of leading companies and knowledge-based institutions from all over the globe are choosing to locate in Friesland. We will be happy to help you navigate the Frisian, technical waterscape.

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Do you like to eat Dutch cheeses and other dairy products? Then there’s a good chance that your tasty treats are from Friesland. That said, Friesland makes more than just dairy. The food industry has been of great importance to the Frisian economy for centuries. We don’t limit ourselves to simply growing produce. We follow traditions, we innovate and we make a difference. Companies who come to become part of the Frisian food industry will feel very much at home here.

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“Frisians would rather ‘do’ than talk.” is a loose translation of a traditional phrase. In reality, the north is also full of thinkers. This combination has allowed our high-tech industries to take a prominent place both in Europe and worldwide. In Friesland, our doors are wide open for all students, start-ups, and established companies who wish to help make Frisian industry even smarter. We support these parties to keep ourselves in a top position, for now, and for the future.

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Friesland, come on!

In Friesland the possibilities are endless. We are ready and happy to meet you.