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Locate In Friesland is here to help you

The Netherlands is one of the happiest nations on the planet, and Frisians are the happiest people in the Netherlands. That’s no great surprise. Friesland is a wonderful province; a place full of space. Space for entrepreneurship, innovation and progress. Space to spread your wings . Here in Friesland, we carefully nurture a healthy climate for enterprise, within which we help each other to succeed. Locate In Friesland oversees this process. This innovative initiative has been set up by several Frisian municipalities, working together to connect entrepreneurs who can offer each other mutual advantages, and offer answers to questions raised by entrepreneurs. Getting your company started is only the first step. We are here to help you get established. We are here to help you grow. Our door remains open for all who are located here. Locate In Friesland is with you for the long haul.

Close contacts in a large network

Information about subsidies, help finding the right employees, developing networking opportunities, and answering your burning questions; we facilitate your needs in all of the above. As true communicators, we know which contacts you need and help to keep our contacts close. Our network is your network: A network full of innovative companies, renowned brands, mayors and councillors, centres of knowledge and expertise, and young talent. Your company can always profit from our connections.

Thriving together

Our core aim is to work together with companies to facilitate and support their needs as much as we possibly can. We stay in contact with your company to provide you with advice, tips on the best approaches to take to help you innovate, export and grow. We know well that a successful enterprise does not develop overnight. Together we can improve employment opportunities, knowledge and entrepreneurialism in our province.

Having a single contact able to help you with all your business-related questions is priceless. Locate In Friesland offers you exactly that. Are you interested in locating your business in Friesland? Contact one of our advisers directly. We will offer you a warm welcome and do all we can to exceed your expectations.

Our promises

  • We will guide you through the process of finding the perfect location for your company and will direct the permit process ourselves.
  • We will connect you with the expertise centres, research facilities and technologies that are most relevant to your company.
  • We keep our contacts close. We can suggest useful contacts for your company and facilitate introductions.
  • We can connect you with the relevant knowledge-based institutions to offer you talent. We can bring you into contact with useful parties to help finance your ventures.
  • We can introduce you to networks that can facilitate the sale of your products.
  • We can connect you with appropriate logistical partners for your company’s needs. Friesland features a smart infrastructure system.

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