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The Frisian Food Industry

The Frisian Food Industry

Milk with your breakfast, a cookie with your coffee, a tasty snack between meals, and the potatoes on the table for your evening meal. The Frisian Food Industry produces all these vital foods and more. Throughout our history, food production has been one of the greatest contributors to our economic growth. We don’t limit ourselves to simply growing produce. We follow traditions, we innovate and we make a difference. We are leaders in our field and move heaven and earth to help our food industry thrive.

Number 1 in the food industry

FrieslandCampina, Koopmans, Oliehoorn, Levo, Hellema Hallum, Autodrop, international potato producers, and more; Friesland is home to more than 25 top brand companies who are famous all over the Netherlands and in many other countries as well. More major Dutch food-producing companies are located in Friesland than in any other province. We cherish our food producers and are always working to expand. We welcome with open arms new food-related enterprises to our province. Friesland has plenty of space for companies in the agricultural sector who wish to be located where the contacts are close and the expertise is great.

No shortage of innovation

We may not and must not stop developing. To develop our food industry still further, we need to innovate. Friesland has no shortage of innovators. Here in the North, we have many leading knowledge-based institutions, which include:

Exploiting opportunities

Our innovation and close cooperation give us many chances to exploit market opportunities. Organic agriculture, vegetable-based proteins, and wheat-based milk are all examples of up-and-coming food trends. These offer us opportunities for large-scale developments, implemented in cooperation with companies and, knowledge-based institutions. We , andhave hundreds of young, talented students at the Nordwin College anden Van Hall Larenstein university of applied sciences who are eager to join us in working on projects. Together we are working on local solutions for worldwide problems, with an emphasis on the introduction of innovations. We have always been trendsetters. Those who join us in the Friesian food industry will benefit from an abundance of opportunities.

Click here to learn more about Locate In Friesland. If you wish to (re)locate your company in the hotspot of the Dutch food industry, you can rely on us as your go-to address for all you need to know. Contact one of our consultants directly.

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